University Health Services Centre
The University Health Services Centre (Health Centre) is located on Level 5, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus. Students, staff and their eligible family members can use the health and medical services upon presenting their valid University Student Card / Staff Card / Affiliate Card. Starting from September 2021, the Health Services Centre is operated by Health Concepts Ltd. and is managed by the Campus Safety Team of the Estates Office.
  1. Opening Hours of the Health Centre
    Monday to Friday :
    09:00 - 13:00 (Last appointment: 12:45) and 14:00 - 18:00 (Last appointment: 17:45)
    Saturday : 09:00 - 13:00 (Last appointment: 12:45)
    Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed

  2. Charges for Primary Medical Consultation
    The Health Centre provides primary medical care for the entire HKBU Community subject to campus access control. The fee chargeable for the service depends on the category to which the person belongs.
      Charges for primary medical consultation Accepted payment method
    HKBU / HKBU-SCE full-time students HK$20 Octopus only
    HKBU self-funded part-time students HK$120 Octopus, credit card (Visa, Master, Union Pay) or cash

    HKBU-SCE part-time students HK$280
    HKBU Staff and eligible family members HK$60
    Others HK$280
    Primary medical consultation includes consultation by a general practice medical practitioner and a three-day prescription for medication that is included in the General Medication List. For students, health tests that are recommended by the attending doctor and included in the General Health Test List will also be covered. The General Medication List and the General Health Test List will be posted at the Health Centre.

    For medication and tests that are outside the general lists, the doctor will inform the patient about the additional costs and their benefits. The prescription will be provided only upon the patient’s acceptance of the additional costs.

  3. Booking of appointment and registration at the Health Centre
    The Health Centre operator was already set up an online appointment booking system for the Health Centre. The appointment can be made either through online booking or by telephone at 3411 2011.

    When using the services of the Health Centre, students, staff and their eligible family members must present their valid University Student Card/ Staff Card/ Affiliate Card for registration and to enjoy the concessionary charges for their respective categories. Without a valid card, the charges for “Others” will apply regardless of whether that person has previous medical records with the Health Centre or not.

  4. Panel doctor for off-campus specialist consultation, physiotherapy and general practitioner (GP) consultation
    For all HKBU and HKBU-SCE full-time and part-time students, HKBU staff and eligiable family members, the operator of the Health Centre offers concessionary charges for certain off-campus specialist consultation, physiotherapy and general practitioner (GP) consultation. Please contact the Health Centre on the panel lists and applicable concessionary charges.

    Please note that the concessionary charges for specialist consultation and physiotherapy only apply with a referral letter issued by the general practice doctor at the Health Centre. Since charges for specialist tests and medications can be complicated and sometimes expensive, we recommend that students and staff obtain detailed information when they need to seek specialist medical advice.

    Students, staff and their eligible family members are required to present their valid University Student Card / Staff Card / Affiliate Card for verification purpose.

  5. Telemedicine service 

    The telemedicine service is available to students, staff and their eligible family members who have received service from the Centre since 6 September 2021. Telemedicine service details are stated as in Annex 1, subject to the Terms and Conditions (LINK) and the Privacy Policy Statement (LINK) set by the Health Concepts Ltd. which is the current service provider of the Centre.  Health Concepts Ltd. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy Statement or terminate the telemedicine service at any time at short notice.  In case of any objections or disputes, the service provider of the Centre has the final decision.


  6. Contacts of the Health Centre
    Enquiries : 3411 7447
    Appointment : 3411 2011