About Us
The Campus Safety Team supports the University’s mission of teaching and research by developing comprehensive programmes on enhancing preparedness and promoting a sense of responsibility for a healthy and safe university community.

The Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all persons employed by the University, students and visitors at the University.

EHS Committee



Ms. Christine O.W. Chow, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary

1. Dr. Simon Chan, Associate Professor, SOWK 
2. Ms. Carolin S.Y. Fong, Director, EO
3. Dr. Candy K.Y. Ho, Associate Professor, MKT 
4. Dr. Joshua K.S. Ko, Associate Professor, CMTR/SCM 
5. Prof. Alice Y.L. Lee, Professor, JOUR 
6. Dr. Kelvin S.Y. Leung, Associate Professor, CHEM
7. Prof. Stuart Christie, Head, ENG
8. Prof. Gordon Y.N. Tang, Director, SA 
9. Ms. Tresa S.W. Yip, Associate Head of Administration, SCE
10. Ms. Sheila S.F. Yung, Associate Director, PERS 
Member and Secretary
Mr. Dennis P.K. Hui, Head, EHS/EO
Student Representative
Mr. Keith C.Y. Fong, President of Students’ Union